Who Loves Furniture? (I DO!)

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Oh, furniture shopping...It seems you either love it or you hate it. (But I just can't understand why you would hate it)

I for one L.O.V.E. furniture shopping! I L.O.V.E. creating a room that has all the feels of home...and I L.O.V.E. helping other people put together furniture and fabric combinations that work for their life!

My name is Paige Jordan, and I am addicted to furniture, fabric, rugs, lamps, etc.! The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? No joke...I literally lose sleep over the perfect layout for an unusually difficult room. My mind will not turn off when presented with the challenge.

My parents own TWT Furniture and Gift Galleries - and together I think we make a pretty great team (along with the rest of our team members)!

Furniture shopping at TWT Furniture Gallery is unlike any other furniture shopping experience you've ever had! You'll find you can express your creativity and individuality with just about any of the furniture we offer. You certainly aren't limited to the combinations we show on the floor (that's just a small example of all the amazing possibilities).

You'll also notice that we aren't a high pressure sales type store. It is important to us that you find exactly what your looking for - not just a piece we're looking to get rid of. We understand that buying furniture is a big decision and can take time to make the right one. We're happy to help you through the process (however long it may take).

We believe in quality furniture at TWT. Furniture that will hold up to family life and/or pets! If you have a dog that runs the house and sleeps on EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. OF. FURNITURE, a child who thinks the seat cushion is a great canvas, (I'm speaking from experience on both, if you can't tell) or you're in to goat yoga (not speaking from experience this time, although I can't say I wouldn't try it)...then I'd highly recommend Kashmira fabric that is exclusive to Flexsteel. Check it out!

At TWT you'll find furniture that not only looks beautiful, but will last! Many of the brands we carry offer lifetime warranties and are heirloom quality pieces that can be passed on for generations.

There truly is so much to see at TWT! We have 3 floors of quality home furnishings (plus: rugs, lamps, linens, home decor, and SO MUCH MORE) for any room in your house.

Check out a few of our favorite brands:




Simply Amish

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